About Rosie


Rosie was born in London in 1952 and was brought up in a loving family surrounded by many pets in a house beside the Thames. So, Rosie learnt to love and be loved by animals and people from a very early age.  


She trained as a Registered Nurse in London  over 40 years ago and as a Midwife over 25 years ago.   Rosie became interested in natural therapies as a healing modality whilst working in India at Mother Theresa's Hospice in Calcutta. Subsequently,  she worked in a Gandhi Health Centre in Bihar and with Aboriginal Health Workers in Queensland.


Rosie qualified as a Homeopath and Practitioner of Herbal Medicine whilst in the UK and as a Naturopath in Australia  over 20 years ago.  Rosie learnt to use the Vega Machine and Radionics in the UK.