About Rosie

Rosie was born in London in 1952 and was brought up in a loving family surrounded by many pets in a house beside the Thames. So, Rosie learnt to love and be loved by animals and people from a very early age.  


She trained as a Registered Nurse in London  over 40 years ago and as a Midwife over 25 years ago.   Rosie became interested in natural therapies as a healing modality whilst working in India at Mother Theresa's Hospice in Calcutta. Subsequently,  she worked in a Gandhi Health Centre in Bihar and with Aboriginal Health Workers in Queensland.


Rosie qualified as a Homeopath and Practitioner of Herbal Medicine whilst in the UK and as a Naturopath in Australia  over 20 years ago.  Rosie learnt to use the Vega Machine and Radionics in the UK.

Please Note Rosie Is Open For Business As Usual During  The COVID-19 Crisis

Online And Phone Consultations Available. Please Contact Rosie For Further Information 

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