Diagnostics Techniques

Rosie has a range of diagnostic techniques to enable her to assist you in finding the root cause of your individual problematic issue----whatever it may be.

These include:

  • VEGA Testing & Diagnosis

  • Radionics

  • Iridology

  • Chinese Pulse TakingTongue Diagnosis


What is a Radionics Machine?

The Radionics machine was developed by German and English doctors.  It measure the subtle-chemical outputs of the body, and so can detect organ imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, viruses, bacteria and parasites; food sensitivities and allergies, hormone and enzyme imbalances.

The testing is easily and safely performed, so babies, children and the elderly, including animals, and birds can be checked.

What is a VEGA machine?

The VEGA machine is able to detect similar imbalances as the Radionics machine.

These forms of testing allow Rosie to uncover subtle and not so subtle problems.


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